What is Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling?

Anterior tooth filling, which is applied to the teeth in the front part of your mouth, is a treatment that aims to eliminate the problems such as decay, breakage and staining in the teeth in that area and to give a natural appearance. The repaired front teeth are made compatible with your other teeth and mouth structure. In this way, you will have a more beautiful smile and healthy front teeth.

In this application, that is, in the application of anterior tooth filling, mostly composite filling is used. As a result of the application, you can have a more aesthetic and healthy smile.

How is Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling Made?

The implementation process consists of several different stages. We can list these stages as follows.

  • First of all, your front teeth, other teeth and mouth structure are checked and it is determined exactly how to apply the front teeth according to the situation.
  • Afterwards, necessary anesthesia procedures are applied and the outer part of the anterior teeth, namely the tooth enamel surface, is filed and smoothed. Afterwards, the necessary filling process is performed according to the problem in the front teeth. The applied filling material is prepared in a white color and in a suitable consistency. After its application, the filling is sufficiently hardened. The application process is generally like this.

Who Can Have Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling?

This application can be applied to all individuals whose tooth structure is sufficiently established and who have problems in their anterior teeth. Front tooth filling can be performed especially in the following cases:

  • The disproportionate and irregular growth of the front teeth compared to the other teeth and the damage of this condition to the other teeth,
  • The emergence of conditions such as staining and decay in the front teeth and the desire to correct them,
  • Those having fractures or cracks in the front teeth and wanting to fix this,
  • In cases where it is desired that the front teeth are completely perfect in terms of aesthetics.

How Long Does Aesthetic Front Teeth Filling Last?

It is not possible to give a definite answer to this question. Because this situation varies according to how the patient uses his front teeth, the position of the tooth, and the purpose of the filling.

To give a general time, it varies according to how much attention the person takes in oral care. If the individual does oral care, mouthwash, brushing and flossing regularly and uses his front teeth in a healthy way, this period can vary between 7 years and 10 years. Therefore, how long it will last is actually completely dependent on the patient. If oral care is neglected, this period tends to shorten. Therefore, you should not neglect to take care of your teeth regularly after the application of anterior tooth filling.

When is Anterior Dental Aesthetics Preferred?

There are many situations in which this application may be preferred. The reasons why they are generally preferred are as follows.

  • It can be preferred for people who are satisfied with their other teeth but are not satisfied with their front teeth, and for people who want to harmonize their front teeth with their other teeth.
  • In people who have problems such as caries, dislocations, fractures, yellowing and staining in their front teeth, this application can eliminate the problems in their front teeth.

Aesthetic Tooth Filling Prices 2021

In this application, it is not possible to give an exact total fee as the prices vary according to how many teeth will be applied in the anterior region, the type of filling used and the amount of filling used. In order to learn the price in the most accurate way, you should request an appointment from your doctor and go for a checkup. Your doctor after doing the necessary examinations will be used to fill in what quantity, how many teeth by setting you a price offer. The factors that especially affect the price are the type of filler used and the amount of this filler to be used. You can make an appointment with our doctor for more detailed information.

Are Front Tooth Aesthetic Fillings Noticeable?

This situation varies depending on the person’s tooth structure. Our specialist doctor makes the application in a way that looks natural. However, if the applied tooth has lost its effect and the color difference between the teeth is noticeable, the filling may be evident. To prevent this situation, you can choose general teeth whitening. In this way, your front tooth fillings will look more natural in your mouth and smile. One of the factors is regular maintenance after application. If you do not care, your front teeth may lose their natural appearance after a while.

Does Front Teeth Aesthetic Filling Fall?

Thanks to the filling applications developed in today’s technology, such negative situations are almost never seen. This is because the applied composite fillings are bonded to the teeth not only physically but also chemically. That’s why a dental filling made by a specialist doctor will never fall out. In this process, factors such as your care and your doctor’s compliance with the rules are of course very important. However, with today’s technology, it is not possible for the filling to fall out after the anterior tooth filling process. After meeting with our specialist doctor, you can clear the question marks in your mind.

How Long Do Aesthetic Fillers Last?

The life of aesthetic fillings is a factor that varies greatly depending on the teeth made, the reason for it, whether you care or not and the type of filling used. In particular, the way you use the tooth where the filling is made also affects this process. But in order to obtain the fillings you want to use as long as possible you should definitely learn to care for your mouth and teeth in a regular and healthy way, and you should be more gentle to the places where the filling is made for the first time. In this way, you can have permanent fillings for years without any problems.

Does Front Tooth Aesthetic Filling Hurt?

Thanks to the regional anesthesia procedures that have developed thanks to the development of technology, no pain is felt in any procedure, from major surgeries to aesthetic procedures on such small areas. You will not feel any pain thanks to the anesthesia applied especially during the anterior tooth filling application process. Although the application process varies according to how many teeth will be treated, it takes a maximum of 1 hour. There is no feeling of pain in this process. Your teeth may develop sensitivity only after the application. You can take the necessary precautions by informing your doctor about this situation.

Why Are Aesthetic Dental Fillings Necessary?

Aesthetic dental fillings are generally necessary for a more beautiful smile and healthier teeth. These procedures can be preferred especially to make the cavities, breaks, cracks in your teeth more beautiful and white with aesthetic dental fillings without affecting the other teeth, as well as to correct them in terms of health. Or only for a more aesthetic appearance such as aesthetic dental fillings can turn. The advantage of aesthetic dental fillings is that they remain permanent for years with the right care after they are applied. That’s why they are so popular.

Are Aesthetic Fillers Durable?

Aesthetic fillings become as durable as a tooth after they are completely dried after application. It does not cause you any discomfort during eating and drinking; on the contrary, they increase your quality of daily life. Especially composite fillings are in a more advantageous position in this regard. Likewise, you will not encounter any problems with porcelain fillings. You can apply to our specialist doctor to get more detailed information about aesthetic anterior tooth filling and to plan the treatment process.