What is “All- on- Four Technique”?

All-on 4 fixed prosthesis is a method which has been used since long time. The scientific success of the cited method has been proven. We place 4 implants -as 2 implants to the back side with 30-35 degrees angles and 2 implants to the front of the chin- in this prosthesis technique we apply.

Some anatomical barriers of our patients who apply to us prevent the application of conventional implants. The cited barriers are as follows:

  • There may be bone thinning in the area where the molars should be in the lower jaw of the patients. As such, the lower jaw nerve passing through this region prevents the application of implantation.
  • The maxillary sinuses, which are located in the upper jaw, also prevent implantation in this region. When we want to make implant to our patients in these areas, we need advanced surgical techniques. This is a treatment which takes 1-year period for our patients.

Despite the anatomical obstacles mentioned above, we can make fixed prosthesis for our patients thanks to all-on-4 fixed prosthesis. In this technique, we first place implants in our patients. Afterwards, we attach temporary fixed prostheses. After 3 or 4 months, we make permanent prostheses to the patients. To get more information about the procedure, you can contact our specialist and start treatment.

How is All – On -4 Treatment Performed?

In this technique, we use the titanium screw mechanism in the implants you know. One of the differences between well-known implants and all-on 4 implants is how we position the screws in the patient’s mouth. In other words, in traditional implants we all know, we use 8 or 9 implants to replace the missing teeth of an edentulous patient. But in all-on 4 implants there are only 4.

We place 2 implants in the front of the mouth, where the bone is the thickest. We also place these anterior implants at 90 degree angles. Then, we place 2 implants on the back of our patient’s jawbone. We also position the implants in the back at 45-degree angles for the best durability. After placing 4 implants in our patient, it is time to place bridges or crowns on the implants.

Before starting this technique, temporary prostheses are prepared according to the measurements taken from our patient. During the application of the technique, the patient’s teeth that need to be extracted are extracted under local anesthesia. Then the implants are placed. Temporary prostheses prepared by taking pre-measurements on the same day are attached to these implants. Permanent prostheses are attached to our patient within a period of 3-4 months.

What are the Advantages of All – On -4 Treatment?

This technique has numerous advantages. During the procedure, our patients do not need to apply advanced surgical techniques. Implant prostheses can be placed on the same day. Our patients who come with removable prostheses return to their homes with fixed prostheses on the same day. Since there is no pressure on the wounds in this technique, the operation does not cause pain or suffering. All-on-4 fixed prosthesis is a method that we apply to our edentulous patients easily and in a way that is comfortable for them. No advanced surgical intervention is applied to our patients. The implant surgery we perform also takes a very short time. It is a low cost technique. Because the number of implants made is small. No additional surgical intervention is required.

An aesthetic appearance and smile are provided as a special application is made for each patient. Of course, oral and dental health care and cleaning are of great importance in order to protect the fitted dentures. The maintenance and cleaning of these prostheses is very easy for the people who use them. This prosthesis is easy to use as it does not cover the palate of our patients.

What are the Features of Implant Treatment?

  • It is a technique we apply to our edentulous patients. We can make fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure.
  • There is no need for sinus lift surgery in this technique. We do not perform any surgical procedure such as bone addition.
  • We make appropriate planning for the patient who comes to treatment.
  • It is easier to maintain and clean than conventional fixed dental implants.
  • This technique is a technique we apply to our patients who cannot use removable dentures. We recommend this technique to our patients with nausea reflex.
  • The palate, that is, the design, is a different application compared to full dental prostheses.
  • The number of sessions to be applied for the treatment period is small. It is frequently preferred by our patients residing outside the city or abroad.

Who Can Have All On Four Implant Technique Applied?

All-on 4 fixed prosthesis techniques can be applied to following persons:

  • Patients who have lost all their teeth,
  • Patients who need to have all their teeth extracted,
  • Patients who do not have a jawbone in the back of their jaws.

Moreover, for the application of this technique, our patient should not have any disease that would prevent dental implant surgery. If our patient has sufficient bone volume and has lost all of his teeth, we apply this technique. The biggest advantage of this technique is that the patient gets fixed teeth on the same day.

What are the Stages of Treatment?

Stages of the treatment are as follows:

  • First of all, we perform a detailed radiographic examination for our patient to whom the All-on 4 technique will be applied.
  • We also measure the amount of bone of the patient whose dental tomography is taken.
  • We make measurements and preparations for the temporary prosthesis to be attached to our patient.
  • We perform the implant application under local anesthesia on a suitable day.
  • We screw the temporary prosthesis we have prepared in the laboratory into the patient’s mouth.
  • Our patient uses the temporary prosthesis for about 3 or 4 months.
  • We then remove the temporary prosthesis from the patient. We take the patient’s mouth measurement again. We begin the construction of the permanent prosthesis.
  • We prepare porcelain or composite veneers according to the type of prosthesis.
  • In prostheses made with the All-on 4 technique, titanium is supported.

Will I Have Pain After Treatment?

After the treatment, some pain and swelling may be seen due to the implants. These complaints, specialist doctor you recommend the meat that you can avoid easily by using drugs. Since dental implant is a surgical procedure, it is normal to have redness, pain, suffer and swelling on your face.

A dental implant is the process of placing an artificial tooth root with a screw in the jawbone. Therefore, it is normal for our patients who apply to the all-on 4 fixed prosthesis technique to experience complications during the healing period of the artificial tooth root. The characteristics of post-treatment complications and what you should pay attention to are as follows:

  • Having a single implant in a single operation reduces the severity of complications. However, having 4 implants in a single operation increases the severity of complications.
  • If you pay maximum attention to your oral care after having an implant, your healing process will accelerate.
  • You should stay away from hot foods after the implant procedure.
  • The complications of this technique are short-term.

Treatment Process

All-on 4 fixed prosthesis technique is a method that is easily performed with local anesthesia. If your anxiety and fear of the dentist are high, we also perform this treatment under general anesthesia or sedation.

How Will My Nutrition Be After All On Four Procedure?

After this technique, you can start using your temporary dental prostheses placed on the implants immediately. During the 3 months when temporary prostheses are used, implants and bone will enter the process of merging. In this process, you need to be fed with a soft diet that we recommend. After the 3-month process is completed, you can start to eat as you wish, as your permanent prostheses will be fitted.

Is All On Four Operation a Successful Procedure?

We observe that this method is a technique with a high success rate as a result of long-term follow-ups, according to the opinions of experts and researches. Moreover, there is no definite price range for the implant prices of this technique. It will be healthier to determine the price after the patient’s oral and dental examination. In other words, all-on 4 implant prices vary according to the needs of the patient and the experience of the dentist. If you want to be successful in the business of this technique, you must apply to specialized and experienced clinic. Moreover, our patients who come for regular check-ups after All-on 4 fixed prosthesis use their teeth for numerous years without any issues.