Sharper lines are demanded instead of round lines in the changing aesthetic perception of our day. The operation called Hollywood cheek surgery generally is the process of removing the fat in the cheek area.

What is Bishectomy (cheek aesthetics)?
The cheek area can have fat accumulation over time due to aging or gaining weight. Bishectomy procedure is the process of removing excess fat from the cheek through the mouth and thus giving a sharper contour to the face without leaving a scar on the face.

How is Bishectomy applied?
The targeted area by bishectomy is the fat pad in the cheek. Excess fat formed on the cheeks is removed by drawing. Bishectomy takes approximately 30 minutes and it can be applied under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the final decision of the patient and the doctor.

What is the healing process?
The healing process varies according to the patient's personal skin structure. The final results of aesthetics may take several weeks to be observed. The results of the cheek aesthetic procedure are permanent.Things to pay attention after bishectomy

You may return to daily life after the surgery day, but you should take into consideration the advice of the doctor . Postoperative antibiotic treatment and oral care should continue. Oral care is important because the patient must not be infected in any way.