Breast lift surgery is a surgery in which the breast tissue is shaped and the sagging skin is removed and the nipple is moved to where it has to be located. Repetitive deliveries, age, weight loss may cause breast sagging in women.


 The breast tissue is removed if it is excessive or it is supported by placing prosthesis if it is less in breast lift surgery. The nipples will be relocated to make your breasts look as natural as possible in this process.

There are many reasons why people have breast lift surgery as follows:

  • Breasts are no longer firmer and tighter, making it difficult to wear clothing without bra support.
  • The breast becomes flat and seems ’empty’ after pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Significant weight loss from diet may cause small breasts and too loose skin
  • Aging skin loses its elasticity and may cause sagging on the breasts. If this happens early, it can reduce self-confidence with and without clothing.


Who should have breast lift surgery?

The final decision will be made between you and your doctor. This surgery is most preferred by women who have excessive skin and women with sagging breasts caused by weight loss, aging or pregnancy.


What should be considered before surgery?

Smoking should be stopped 1 week before surgery because smoking disrupts tissue nutrition. Blood thinners like aspirin must have been given a week ago. Herbal tea and herbal remedies must have been discontinued a week earlier. One month before the operation, patients with diabetes or blood pressure should be made healthy with appropriate medication.


Will anesthesia be applied?

Yes, general anesthesia is applied in breast lift surgery.


How long does the surgery take?

It takes approximately 2 hours depending on the patient’s condition.


Will I stay in the hospital?

Depending on the patient’s condition, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for one night.


Is it combined with breast augmentation surgery?

Breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed together.


When can I take a shower?

You can take a shower 4 days after the operation.


When do I get back to work?

You can return to your work life 7 days after surgery.


When can I start doing sports?

You can start doing sports 1 month after the surgery.