Buttock fat injection is a frequently preferred method of hip aesthetics. Since it is
made with the fat taken from the patient’s own waist and hip region, it does not
carry any risk of developing an allergic reaction.

An ideal hip is proportionate to the body, with vivid appearance, round and does not
sag out. In addition, the hips’ being narrow and the waist’s being thin make the hip
more attractive. The fat removal process is therefore made mostly from the hip region
and waist area and these fats are injected into the upper part of the buttocks.

Who should have buttock aesthetics?
● Ladies with a thin and flat butt.
● Those with flattening of the butt due to continuous weight gain.

Where does fat receipt occur?
Generally, fat receipt is made from waist , hips and the tummy by liposuction method.

Is Buttock Oil Injection Permanent?

After 2 years, some of the fat tissue may disappear. However, the process can be
repeated if there are enough fat reserves in the body.

What should be considered before surgery?
Smoking should be stopped 1 week before the operation because smoking
disrupts tissue nutrition. Blood thinners and painkillers such as aspirin should
be discontinued one week in advance. Herbal tea and herbal medicine must
have been stopped one week before. patients with diabetes or blood pressure
must be treated one month before the operation with appropriate medication.

Will anesthesia be performed?
Yes, buttock aesthetics is made under general anesthesia.

How long does buttock aesthetics take?
It takes approximately 2 -3 hours depending on the patient’s condition.

Will I stay in the hospital?
You need to stay one night in the hospital.

When can I take a shower?
You can take a shower 2 days after the operation.