The process known as root canal treatment among the people is named as the endodontic procedure.  Endodontics is one of the specialization fields in dentistry.

You can learn how the procedure is done and make a choice accordingly by getting information about endodontics. You can rely on our staff of specialist physicians for this procedure, which we aim to save your teeth with treatment without losing them.

You can find all the details regarding the endodontic procedure in this article we have prepared for you . You can make an appointment with our specialist doctor in order to learn what endodontics is, how it is done, how long it takes, what it does and much more and start treatment quickly for.  You can contact us via our communication channels if you are in need of such treatment. We immediately initiate the most appropriate treatment for you upon your appointment.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics can be described as one of the sub-branches of dentistry. Physicians working in this field have the title of endodontist. Physicians who receive training in the field of endodontics subsequent to graduating from the dental faculties of universities have this title.

There are 3 important layers in the tooth. The layer inside the root of the tooth is called the pulp. The pulp has a soft structure that nourishes the tooth. If the decay in the tooth has descended to the pulp layer, then the tooth should be extracted. This is where the endodontic procedure comes into play. With the renewed technology, we can save the teeth whose decay has gone down to the pulp layer.

The most used equivalent of this treatment method today is root canal treatment. With this process, we ensure that you regain your teeth without losing them. We prefer endodontics as the most ideal treatment method for our patients whose teeth are infected and decayed.

How is Endodontics Performed?

Root canal treatment is one of the most frequently performed dental treatments for our patients. This process, also known as endodontics, has the feature of saving significantly decayed teeth.

The stages of endodontic procedure are as follows:

  • If you have significant caries in your teeth, you should contact our endodontist. During this examination, we first take your dental x-ray.
  • With the x-ray film taken, we examine the growth rate of the infection and how your canal roots stop.
  • In the root canal treatment, we apply local anesthesia to our patients. In this way, we ensure that you relax and do not feel pain.
  • In the next step, we wrap a waterproof layer around your tooth. Then we finely drill your tooth to descend into the pulp layer.
  • We go through the cleaning process and remove the damaged areas from your teeth.
  • We continue the cleaning process by expanding the hole in the tooth. Thanks to this process, we can easily perform the filling process. For this process, we use the canal filing process.
  • The last step we will do is to close the hole in your tooth. In some cases, we close the tooth on the same day while in others we make a temporary filling after 1 week.

What Does Endodontic Treatment Do? 

You should definitely perform endodontic procedures in the presence of a specialist physician. You can get support from our expert physician staff to avoid a problem after this procedure, which is very important for your oral health.

One of the issues that arises curiosity for our patients is what this treatment does. If you are confused about this, you can continue reading our article. The benefits of endodontic treatment can be listed as follows:

  • With the endodontic procedure, we restore significantly decayed and infected teeth in a healthy way. Since the person’s own teeth are always the best, we take care to protect them and keep them in the mouth.
  • We prefer endodontic procedure, i.e. root canal treatment, for all problems such as fractures, caries, trauma and infection that occur in the dental pulp.
  • We also take care to preserve the vitality of the tooth with root canal treatment. For this, we apply the regeneration process together with the treatment. With this treatment, we aim to create a living tissue inside the tooth root.

How Long Does Endodontics Take?

How long the endodontic procedure will take is another matter of curiosity. How long this process will take is usually a situation that varies from patient to patient.

In order to learn how long the root canal treatment process will take, you should first be examined to learn the general health condition of your mouth. With these examinations performed by our dentists, x-rays are taken and a suitable procedure is performed for your tooth.

In root canal treatment procedures, the number of root canals in the tooth, the structure of the root canals, the difficulty and the presence of infection directly affect the process. If we give a general time value, a 3-channel treatment process is performed between approximately 1 and 1.5 hours.

Pain After Endodontics

Although root canal treatment was one of the most feared dental treatments in the past, this is no longer the case today. With the technologies emerging in the field of health, there is no reason to be afraid of root canal treatment anymore.

During the root canal treatment, we apply local anesthesia to our patients to make them feel comfortable and not feel pain. In this way, we minimize the pain that our patients will feel. The sensitivity you can feel during the treatment is due to the operation on the pulp.

After the procedure, there is no feeling of pain in the same way. If you have severe pain in your tooth before endodontic treatment, you may feel a small amount of sensitivity after the procedure. However, this is not as severe a pain as you might fear.

Can Endodontics Fail?

The question of whether the endodontic procedure will fail is one of the frequently asked questions. The success of this procedure is entirely a matter of the clinic and physician to be selected. Another point that affects the success of the treatment is the care and attention that our patient shows to his teeth.

The success rate in root canal treatment is between 90% and 95%. Of course, this figure is valid for a well-done root canal treatment. Even if the procedure is done well, if our patient does not pay attention to his dental health, bacteria can be re- transmitted to the pulp layer through tooth breakage.

Another reason for failure is the incorrect or incomplete application of the endodontic procedure. An unsuccessful procedure can occur immediately after treatment, or it can manifest itself years later. Sometimes it may not cause any symptoms. In such cases, re-infection may occur in the root of the tooth and cause dental diseases. In order to prevent this situation, you should meet with your dentist at least once a year and be examined.

With regular examination, you can prevent possible infections. You can choose our clinic for the most accurate root canal treatment procedures.

What Should Be Considered After Endodontics?

There are some points that you need to pay attention to in order for the root canal treatment to give a successful result. Things to consider after endodontics are as follows:

  • Most of the time, endodontic procedures are completed in a single session. In such a case, do not use this tooth until the next session and pay attention to your eating and drinking.
  • Do not consume any food or drink for the first 2 hours after the procedure.
  • Pay attention to your diet for a few days, even after the treatment is completely over. Stay away from harsh products. In this way, you can prevent the pain that may occur in your teeth.

Endodontic Treatment Prices 2022

If you are looking for an address for a successful and effective endodontic procedure, you are definitely in the right place. We always take care to protect your dental health with our specialist physicians. If you are wondering about the price of the root canal treatment, you can get examined for it.. You can make an appointment now to find out what the 2021 endodontic prices are.