Forehead lift surgery is used in order to remove wrinkles and lines that occur in the forehead region as a person gets older. It is a type of aesthetics surgery needed in patients and is generally combined with eyelid aesthetics and face lift surgeries.

Forehead lift surgery can be performed generally by two different techniques. The first is a closed technique with endoscope from scalp and the second is the open technique. The choice of technique is decided upon the patient’s complaints, anatomical structure, patient’s expectation and physician’s evaluation.

Who can apply for forehead lift surgery;
● Those who have sagging eyebrow problem
● Those who have forehead wrinkles
● Those who have beetle brow
● Those who desire to look younger

Who must have forehead lift surgery?
● Those who have sagging problem in eyebrow and temple area
● Those who have wrinkles on forehead area
● Those who have sagging eyelid
● Those who have face lift surgery

The operation takes 2-3 hours depending on the patient condition. You will not feel pain since face lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. You need to stay in hospital for 1 day after surgery. You can take a shower on the next day of the surgery. You should avoid actions that increase blood pressure, such as sports, for 2 months.

Ice is used to remove swelling that may occur during surgery. Swelling of the forehead will decrease within two weeks. Some special creams recommended by your doctor will reduce the bruising in the forehead area to the minimum level.