What is the Fue hair transplant technique?

What is the Fue hair transplant technique? This is a frequently requested question. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure involves the direct harvest of individual follicular units, which can contain one to four hair follicles. As a result, it is a non-invasive procedure.

What is the purpose of Fue Hair Transplantation?

In most situations, this procedure is used to treat alopecia, or excessive hair loss, which affects both men and women. Alopecia is defined as the loss of more than a hundred hairs every day. The FUE hair transplantation technique, on the other hand, was developed in response to patient unhappiness with the visible scar left behind by hair transplantation using the Fut (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method.

What are Fue Hair Transplant Techniques?

DHI Plus Gold Method, Fue hair transplantation technique, and DHI Technique are some of the names for it. The FUE procedure is commonly done with a “punch,” which is a hollow cylindrical punch with a diameter of about 0.8 mm that is connected to a cavity motor and removes the follicle from the donor sites on the back and sides of the head. The olfactory follicle may be removed manually or with a machine, depending on the surgeon. Following that, incisions in the entrance region are performed after anaesthetic has been applied. Finally, the autotransplanted region is continually cleansed and hydrated with a specific solution during the grafting phase to aid root implantation. It is an actual surgery that takes two days and is done in 7-8 hour periods with a daily maximum of 1,500 follicular extractions.

When should Fue Hair Transplantation be used?

People who have lost their hair may be preferred. Only the follicular units required to suit the patient’s demands at the moment of intervention are removed in Fue hair transplantation. There is no sedation for the patient. He is always aware of the operation, allowing him to go to the clinic on his own and return home. It is a treatment that is adaptable. It is not required to do extensive sessions; instead, it can be done in little increments or by zone.

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplantation Process?

In a single session, the procedure can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. Emergency personnel are also involved to operation. The postoperative period is straightforward and does not necessitate complete rest. Patients are frequently able to return to work the next day. The end result is completely natural. The use of implants guarantees that the hair is implanted in the correct direction and angle while remaining as natural as the patient’s own hair. Scars that run in a straight line are unattractive. Because there is no evidence of intervention at the cosmetic level, Fue hair transplantation will deliver a superior result and patient satisfaction.

What Should Be Done Before Fue Hair Transplant Operation?

What should you do to prepare for the intervention? Before the Fue hair transplant procedure, a specific regimen is performed. Photographs of various regions of the head are taken to document the changes. In addition, the donor and recipient areas’ scalps should be shaved, and the patient should be given local anesthetic.

What is the Healing Process After FUE Hair Transplantation?

What should you do following the surgery? The doctor will perform the appropriate examinations following the Fue hair transplant procedure to ensure that the transplant is completed ideally and successfully, and the treated region will be washed afterward. The patient must wash their hair with a particular shampoo given by the dermatologist for a week. You won’t be able to participate in sports for the next two weeks, and you won’t be allowed to undertake any water activities for roughly two months. The scars are little and many, and they correspond to each design. They are normally not very noticeable.
The FUE technique is the most effective and long-lasting method of reversing hair loss in both men and women.

What are the Advantages of Fue Hair Transplant Method?

It’s a painless procedure. The entire surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic, and any discomfort is alleviated with modest pain medicines if necessary.

It’s completely seamless. The stitches do not affect the patients, and they do not need to be removed, which is normally an unpleasant experience. It is a procedure with a low level of invasiveness. It makes use of the tiniest devices available, enabling very minimum incisions to extract follicular units and then implanting them safely.

The number of follicular units eliminated is always known. The follicular units are checked and counted during Fue hair transplantation, so you always know how many units and hairs you have. This guarantees a more precise insertion and a better result.

Comments of those who had Fue Hair Transplantation

The majority of people who have undergone this surgery are happy with the results. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, begins on the top part of the temples and progresses to the crown, generating semicircular hair on the back of the head around a bald patch.

In order to save the hair in this area, each case must be examined carefully in order to provide the optimum treatment. From the graft through the postoperative phase, the major goal is to provide this area a natural and painless appearance.

Patients arrive at the clinic with many questions regarding the treatment they will receive. In most cases, the FUE procedure is recommended, which is one of the most cutting-edge methods for treating alopecia in both men and women.

Prices for the Fue Hair Transplant Method in 2022

For pricing information, consult with a doctor. Patients trust this procedure the most when it comes to saving their hair. The method involves extracting follicular units from the scalp and implanting them in the alopecia-affected area.

The Fue hair transplant process can reduce the size of bald spots by up to 90% depending on the patient’s health. The operation has a high success rate, and hair growth is typical. Because the patient is his own donor, there is no way for the roots to be rejected.

What Should FUE Hair Transplant Patients Watch Out For?

It is suggested that you stop smoking one week before to the procedure. What recommendations would you provide to someone who is thinking about traveling for hair treatment? It is critical to determine if the transplanter is a licensed physician or a layperson. If the procedure is conducted in a foreign nation and the patient receives a negative result from the Clinic, he or she may face difficulties since he or she will be in a difficult situation in the country where the operation is performed. There are excellent experts that provide reasonable charges and warranties.

Determining the Outflow Direction of Hair Roots Correctly

Doctors do this surgery. Hair transplantation is a popular procedure nowadays. The popularity of hair transplantation is mostly owing to recent advancements in hair transplantation method, which have resulted in a highly natural-looking outcome with no visible scars. As a result, many individuals are presently motivated to make this a reality.

The explanation of taking hair follicles from the neck region for transplantation

Because hair follicles from the nape are not affected by testosterone, they are more strong and long-lasting. What hair transplant techniques are currently used? Hair transplantation can be done using both the FUE and FUT techniques by dermatologists who specialize in trichology.

To summarize, the FUE technique involves extracting hair from the donor region one by one and transplanting it into the alopecia area, with the benefit of being a minor procedure with no sutures or visible scars. In just a few days, you’ll be able to integrate yourself into the daily routine.

Return to Normal Life After Fue Hair Transplantation

People can normally continue normal activities two to three days after surgery. What role does expert knowledge play in hair treatments? It’s critical to place your trust in a specialist hair transplant doctor, preferably one who is a Dermatologist, because Dermatologists are the only medical experts who research and are familiar with all of the scalp’s diseases and treatments.

If the Fue hair transplant process is performed by inexperienced hands, an unnatural result may occur, which is sadly impossible to reverse.