What are Laminate Applications?

Laminate applications are performed by virtue of porcelain produced with a fine design. The Laminate, which is usually applied to the anterior teeth, has a thin structure similar to a leaf. It provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The fact that it offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance is a factor which makes it to be frequently preferred. The satisfaction within the scope of the application is quite high because it protects the tooth tissue at the highest level.

Within the scope of the application, only the front surfaces of the teeth are thinned by 0.7 mm. The teeth, which are thinned on their front surfaces, are attached by bonding. Dental aesthetic applications are preferred for many different purposes. Laminate applications can be easily applied to people of almost all ages. It stands out as a functional treatment method for jaw disorders. This treatment method cannot be applied to people who have the habit of nail biting. Likewise, people with severe gum retracted s also not benefit from therapy Laminated. After 2 or 3 sessions of treatment, it is possible to get very permanent results.

For applicants, a detailed examination must first be made. At this stage, the tooth structure is fully revealed. The existing problem is also identified. A model is created in accordance with the obtained measurements. The treatment method to be applied is applied according to this model.

How are Laminate Applications Made?

Laminate treatment is one of the most frequently preferred dental treatments. At every stage of the dental veneer application, you must proceed with a specialist doctor. In the first session, necessary measurements are made in order to take the patient’s mouth measurements. After the necessary measurements are made, the general lines of the treatment are also revealed. A model is prepared in accordance with the measurements taken. Model preparation takes place in the laboratory environment. At the same time, tests called mock-ups are also applied during its construction.

The resulting model is shared with the patient and an agreement is made between the doctor and the patient. The process of preparing the teeth to be bonded begins after this consensus. The duration of Laminate tooth veneer differs according to the number of teeth to be veneered. However, tooth bonding should be done in a short time. In the first stage of treatment, temporary coatings are applied. In this way, the physician has the opportunity to control the adaptation process. In case of a problem, the physician tries to understand what the problem is as a result of detailed analysis. After the Laminate applications, the bonded teeth begin to be used in a short time.

The treatment is not applied to people with advanced gum recession. These people should first undergo a detailed gum treatment. In addition this treatment cannot be applied to following persons:

  • People with significant disorders in the jaw structure,
  • People who have the habit of grinding their teeth in their sleep,
  • Nail biting or persons who have habits like biting pen.

Who Can Have Laminate Applications?

In dental disorders that adversely affect aesthetics, Laminate applications are used for treatment. Ceramics adhered to the front surface of the teeth are often preferred because they are thin and semi-permeable. These porcelain veneers are often preferred because of their aesthetic appearance and durability. Laminate application gives functional results in the following cases:

  • In closing the gaps in the anterior teeth,
  • In restorations that do not provide an aesthetic appearance on the front surface of the teeth,
  • In case of color and shape distortions,
  • In case of hypoplasia or malformation in the enamel layer,
  • Rotationally turned tooth position disorders,
  • In broken or worn teeth,
  • All kinds of tooth discoloration.

Laminate applications are not recommended in the following cases:

  • People who have the habit of grinding or clenching their teeth,
  • In excessively crooked teeth appearance,
  • In patient groups with high caries formation,
  • In patients with poor oral hygiene,
  • In cases with malocclusion between the lower and upper teeth,
  • This treatment is not applied where there is no healthy enamel tissue.

The operation should be applied to suitable people, under appropriate conditions. In this way, the yield is also very high. The methods used in Laminate applications help patients to have healthy and white teeth. The quality of life of people with healthy teeth will also increase.

Benefits of Laminate Applications

Laminate applications, which have become very popular recently, give great results when applied under suitable conditions. It also offers many benefits for the patient. The application of Laminate teeth provides a very aesthetic appearance after the application. Compared to other dental prosthesis applications, we can also say that it has a more natural appearance. The outer surface of the Laminates has a smooth structure.

Laminates, which prevent the accumulation of residue on the tooth surface, do not allow any stains to occur in the consumption of tea and coffee. However, it is also resistant to abrasion. Laminates produced from quality materials have a very durable structure. It is among the reasons why it is preferred that it does not harm natural teeth and does not spoil their structure. The absence of any cuts or tooth extraction in the teeth can also be considered as a plus. Quality dental adhesives used during the process have a durable structure. In this way, problems such as falling and playing are not experienced.

The Laminate we apply to have white smiles stands out as an effective treatment method. In addition to providing a natural tooth structure, it allows you to use it for many years. The more carefully the dental and oral care is done, the more permanent the Laminate applications. It is especially preferred by people with dental disorders. If you want to have white smiles, you can fulfill this wish thanks to Laminate teeth. You can contact us at any time for detailed information about Laminate dental treatment.

Laminate Applications Prices 2022

With dental aesthetic procedures, people get healthy-looking teeth. You can see a significant increase in the quality of life of patients with straight teeth. When the prices of Laminate applications are examined, it is revealed that they are more costly than other dental aesthetic operations in terms of price. The material used or the size of the patient’s mouth are also decisive at this point. The number of teeth used also plays a decisive role in the price. The Laminate processes we apply for you allow you to have the teeth of your dreams. Prices also vary depending on the porcelain or acrylic application. Today, people who have more aesthetic concerns benefit from Laminate application. Thanks to the campaigns and pricing we have prepared specifically for you, it becomes possible to get this service at more affordable prices. Laminates, which are used for a very long time, should be applied by physicians who are experts in their field. In this way the expectations of patients are accurately fulfilled. If you want to have the white teeth of your dreams, you can benefit from the whitening power of the Laminate. If you regularly take care of your teeth, you can use your teeth for many years. Choosing Laminate teeth instead of veneer teeth allows you to have healthier and natural teeth.

We are always with you at discounted prices in Laminate applications. In this way, you can have all your teeth done more easily and conveniently. You can get whiter teeth in a short time. You can contact us at any time for the clearest information about Laminate applications.