After 30s, fats in certain parts of the body cannot be removed at the desired level with diet and sports. Stubborn, non-responsive fats mostly accumulate in the hips, buttocks and legs as well as navel and waist regions in women. It is possible to get rid of the fat in these areas thanks to liposuction surgery. The aim of this operation is not to lose weight but to shape the body of the patient with the ideal weight that can be obtained by diet and sports. So this is not a weight loss surgery but a body shaping surgery.

How is liposuction performed?
Step 1
Firstly the areas of liposuction are determined before the patient sleeps. These regions are determined by drawing by virtue of a skin pen.
Step 2.
Special fluids that dissolve the fat to be taken from the body are given to these areas.
Step 3
The dissolved fats are removed by vacuuming.

Fats obtained from liposuction can be used in other parts of the body by centrifugesystem. Lipsuction can be combined with buttock fat injection and face fat injection.

The patient should be informed before liposuction. Some side effects may occur in smokers. Therefore, you must stop smoking one week before the operation. The type of anesthesia to be applied is determined according to the liposuction region and fat ratio. Local anesthesia may be sufficient for liposuction of a limited area but general anesthesia is preferred.

The patient stays in the hospital one night after the surgery. A corset should be used for at least 3 weeks after the surgery. After 2 days you can take a shower. On the 3rd day, the patient comes for examination. During the first three weeks, the patient should not do sports except walking. In average you can go to swimming pool after one month. Visible changes occur after surgery.

It is worth noting that liposuction is not a slimming method. You may have this surgery if you cannot reduce the rate of fat in certain parts of your body despite your continuous sports activities.

How long does the operation take?
Liposuction operation takes 2-3 hours.
Will I stay in the hospital?
You must stay in the hospital for 1 night.
When do I get back to my daily life?
After 3 days you can return to your daily life.