What is Porcelain Laminate?

Porcelain laminates, called leaf porcelain, improve the appearance of your teeth aesthetically. In addition to eliminating tooth deformities experienced over time, it also prevents fractures in teeth. We stick the laminates that we specially prepared in order to prevent deformations in the teeth, on the front surface of your teeth. The use of laminates, which is the most interesting structure among porcelain tooth designs, has increased especially in recent days.

You can use it as you wish with its non-abrasive use on the teeth. Porcelain laminates, with their perfect harmony to your teeth, give your teeth the look of your dreams. It does not stimulate your sensitive teeth, making it more compatible to use. Laminates, which have a thin appearance in terms of structure, are quite durable despite these structures. Laminates, which provide the least damage to lost teeth, are highly preferred in this respect.

Reasons such as aging and not paying attention to dental health cause premature wear of the teeth. You can also get help from laminates so that your teeth do not lose their color and durability. If you want to regain your lost teeth undamaged and easily, this method may be for you. It is also very useful for people who have aesthetic concerns.

In Which Situations Are Porcelain Dental Laminates Applied?

In order to get the best results, laminate treatment is applied in  following cases:

  • People who apply for teeth whitening but cannot achieve the desired results,
  • In highly discolored and worn tooth structures,
  • In tooth structures that change shape in terms of their structures and acquire an unpleasant appearance,
  • In the process of joining the separated teeth,
  • o restore broken or worn teeth to their old appearance,
  • In the repair process of old fillings that have deteriorated in terms of color and structure,
  • As an alternative treatment method to orthodontic treatments,
  • To correct the appearance of teeth that you are not satisfied with cosmetically.

Porcelain laminates, which are used as an aid in different dental aesthetic applications, are widely preferred today. You can also choose this method to make your teeth look better.

To Whom Is Porcelain Laminate Tooth Veneer Treatment Applied?

Laminate treatment, which can be applied to almost everyone, is a method that can be preferred by everyone who is not satisfied with the tooth structure in daily life. With this method, we repair defective teeth and help people regain a healthier appearance. In this way, you can regain your old appearance in a short time with the laminate treatment applied as an alternative treatment method.

The fact that laminate dental treatment can be applied to everyone has enabled the treatment to become widespread. People who have any aesthetic concerns often prefer this method. You are also porcelain laminates If you want to get more detailed information about each time you wish to contact us. You can ask us any question you may have in terms of dental aesthetics.

Eliminating the question marks in your mind is important for you to have a healthier treatment process.

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Laminate Teeth?

We can list some of the advantages that the use of laminate teeth will provide for you as follows:

  • With the small intervention we apply, you can achieve ideal looking teeth in a short time. Healthy and natural-looking teeth increase your daily life quality.
  • Since it is supplied from solid and durable materials, its colors do not deteriorate and you can use it for a long time.
  • There is no change in the natural structure of your teeth. With these methods, you can achieve the natural look you desire in a short time.
  • Nothing extra is applied on the tooth. In order not to wear out the teeth, the least amount of treatment is applied.
  • Only 0.3 mm is removed from the tooth. There is no deterioration in the structure of the tooth. In this way, you can have both a healthy and beautiful smile.
  • It is also possible to make changes in teeth that are not pleasing to the eye in terms of appearance.
  • Porcelain surfaces have a very smooth structure. The use of cigarettes and similar substances can cause yellowing and staining on the teeth. With this application, we prevent this situation.
  • Coffee or tea consumption does not cause yellowing over time.
  • Its resistance to abrasion is quite high. In this respect, there is no breakage or deterioration in the teeth of the people.

If you want to take advantage of these advantages, you can contact us without wasting time.

Are There Any Situations where the Treatment of Porcelain Dental Laminates Cannot Be Applied?

Although laminate treatment is applied to everyone, your physicians do not recommend it to be applied in some cases. It is important for you to follow the doctor’s recommendations during the treatment process in order to manage a healthier treatment process. Based on your doctor’s recommendations, we do not recommend utilizing laminate treatment if:

  • If you have a structural or chronic problem in your jaw area,
  • If your nail biting habit has become permanent,
  • If you have habits such as biting pens or other objects,
  • If you have an advanced gum recession problem, you should not have this procedure done.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should fix your current issue first. Then we carry out the necessary examinations for you. Detailed examinations give information about your suitability for treatment.

How Many Sessions Does Porcelain Laminate Veneer Last?

The duration of the laminate treatment depends on whether the patient has any other problems. If you have a different problem, we first provide the necessary conditions for you to fix that problem. As a result of our deep examinations, we make the patient suitable for the current operation. If there is no problem in your gums, then there is no precondition for treatment. Porcelain laminates gain a natural appearance in about 1 week. During the treatment process, 2 or 3 sessions are applied depending on the patient’s condition.

Laminate treatment, which allows you to have a new smile in a short time, significantly improves your daily life quality. Having healthier smiles increases your self-confidence. If you have higher self-confidence, you can witness how your quality of life improves.

If you want to get more detailed information about laminate treatment, you can contact us at any time. It is important to clear the question marks in your mind before the operation, for you to have a healthier treatment process. Porcelain laminates are very easy and practical to use.

What are the Treatment Stages of Porcelain Laminate Veneer Application?

Before starting the laminate veneer treatment, you should learn about its stages. In this way, you will have preliminary information about what situations you will encounter during the treatment process. Laminate coating application generally consists of the following stages:

  • In the first session, we perform the necessary examinations in order to understand your tooth structure.
  • We take the measure of your teeth, taking care not to wear them.
  • We make the necessary examinations on the resulting model and create a shape.
  • Then we grind the teeth with appropriate methods.
  • Using a sensitive measuring material, we perform the necessary measurements.
  • In your next session, we place the laminates we prepared on your teeth.

Do Porcelain Laminate Teeth Fall Out?

There is no risk of falling after the treatment applied. When the measurements taken before are taken clearly, you will not have any problems during the process. The development of today’s bonding technologies also helps you in this respect. Porcelain laminates, which we carefully apply under the control of a specialist physician, are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

If you want to get a suitable dental aesthetics, you can contact us at any time. Healthy teeth mean healthy smiles. Healthy smiles mean a more self-confident life.

How Long Do Porcelain Laminate Teeth Last?

If you pay enough attention to oral care after the procedure, you can easily use the laminates for many years. The most important reason for this is that it has superior properties than other bonding treatments. Necessary measures are taken to ensure durability while still in the manufacturing phase.

Porcelain laminates, which are resistant to staining and abrasion,  should be used carefully in order to have a longer life.