Prominent ear is a congenital problem and is rather a problem as regards the forward opening of the ear. We recommend that it should be corrected at an early age, as this will be make children feel uncomfortable socially during school years. The shape, size or positioning of the ears can affect a person's appearance and psychology. Usually girls with prominent ear problems do not want to tie up their hair but want to cover their ears with hair.

Prominent ear surgery can be performed under general anesthesia in children while it can be performed under local anesthesia in adults. It is intervened to the ear cartilage and skin by an incision behind the ear to the ear cartilage and the skin. There are also methods which can only be done with sutures, but we do not prefer it because of the risk of recurrence. You should wear a supporting ear band for 2-6 weeks postoperatively and avoid soaking your ears for 7 days after surgery.

Will anesthesia be applied?
Local or general anesthesia will be applied.
How long does prominent ear surgery take?
It takes about 1 hour.
Do I have to be hospitalized?
You may be discharged on the same day after surgery.
Is it done together with rhinoplasty?
Prominent ear and rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed at the same time.
Is ear surgery a painful process?
Since the operation is performed with local anesthesia, you will not feel pain and you will not also feel pain by using simple painkillers during a few days following the operation.
Can I take a shower?
You can take a shower without wetting the operation area for the first 7 days after