Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries because nose is at the center of facial organs. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed to eliminate congenital or subsequent deformities in the nose structure. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed for different reasons. You can change the shape of the nose belt or nose tip and shrink or enlarge your nose structure with nose aesthetic

We provide detailed information on how to care for our patients and how to use their medicines after nasal surgery. Post-operative care is important about the healing

The most common reasons for rhinoplasty surgery are as follows:
• Arched nose
• Low nose tip angle
• Changing the length of the nose
• Changing the nose width
• Correction of traumatic deformities
• Correction of breathing function of the nose

How long does the rhinoplasty surgery take?
The rhinoplasty surgery takes about 1 to 3 hours depending on the skin and nose structure of the patient.
Does rhinoplasty surgery require general anesthesia?
Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia.
Does rhinoplasty surgery require hospitalization?
Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed with overnight hospitalization.

How many days will the nasal tampons be removed?
In rhinoplasty surgeries, nasal tampons are removed after an average of 5 days.
When can I return to my daily life?
Patients can return to normal daily activities after 1 week.
Would rhinoplasty surgery be with or without pain?
You will not feel any pain because the rhinoplasty surgery is made under general

Would rhinoplasty surgery cause bruising?
With the Piezo device, which we routinely use in our clinic, bruising is minimized.
Does the tip of the nose fall?
The risk of nasal tip falls is very, very low in rhinoplasty surgeries which are planned and
applied correctly.

Is there an age limit in rhinoplasty surgery?
Although it is made beginning from the age of 13 in various places of the world, we would like to have male patients at least 16 years old and female patients at least years
old in Turkey.

When does my nose get in good form?
It takes at least 1 year for the nasal tissues and skin to fully heal and take the desired form.
Can I swim in the sea or pool?
You can swim in the sea or pool 2 weeks after the operation.
When can I wear glasses?
You can start wearing glasses 3 months after the nose aesthetic surgery.