What is Smile Design?

Smile design can be described as a method which aims to bring you a beautiful smile by solving the issues associated with your teeth and gums. Mostly interdental spaces, tooth alignment disorders and gingival disorders are eliminated through aesthetic means thanks to this application. It is aimed to make you have a brand new and beautiful smile.

This application can be performed even if you have healthy teeth. It is because the aim here is to make your teeth perfect in terms of aesthetics. Smile design especially is an application made to remedy numreous different issues such as follows:

  • Conditions of disproportion between teeth,
  • Too many gaps between the teeth or irregular eruption of the teeth,
  • Disproportionate distribution of gums or disproportionate swellings.

The main objective of the method is to prevent these issues and make your smile better.

How Smile Design Is Applied?

The preparation and construction process consists of several different phases in this application. These phases can be summarized as follows:

  • Our first stage in smile design and aesthetics is definitely the examination stage. Here the patient should rest well. The expectations of the patient should be tried to be fully understood. Therefore, the patient should explain himself to the doctor in detail. Afterwards, many measurements are made in the patient’s mouth. After these measurements and detailed examinations, the necessary treatments are determined according to the identified problems. After these measurements, if any, how the mouth will look after the treatments can be shown to the patient through simulations. At the end of this process, the finishing touches are put and final decisions are made.
  • After this stage, there comes the process in which the completely determined treatments are applied. You should not neglect your doctor’s controls against complications that may occur during the healing process and after the application.

Who Can Have Smile Design?

This application can be applied to many people for different reasons. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Those who have genetic or subsequent problems of crowding and irregularity in the tooth alignment,
  • Those who have staining and yellowing in their teeth,
  • Irregularity in tooth lengths and excessive gap between teeth,
  • Those who have a bad and disproportionate appearance in their gums,
  • Smile design application may be preferred in those who have missing teeth as a result of an accident or decay and in many other cases.

What are the Types of Smile Design?

The application contains many different methods in its content. The reason why it includes more than one method is that the method to be applied changes according to the wishes of the person and according to the lip structure, face structure and mouth structure. In addition, factors such as gender and age are also important. The operation of this process and the methods applied are as follows:

  • Before the application, health problems in the teeth and gums are eliminated. These can be tooth decay and some gum diseases. After these problems are resolved, the smile design process is started.
  • Then the method is selected according to the needs. Among the methods that are frequently applied; gums d e made arrangements and aesthetic interventions, bleaching ( whitening), before breaking, the extracted tooth or implants instead of t in many different applications such as interference and methods mentioned. Only one or many of them are preferred and applied according to the patient’s demands and needs.

Advantages Obtained After Smile Design

It gives you many advantages in the process after the application process is over. The biggest advantage it brings is a new mouth structure and a clean smile. Maintaining this advantage depends entirely on the importance you give to your oral care. That’s why you should do regular maintenance after the smile design application. You should get used to regular brushing and flossing. You should not delay your routine doctor checks. You should review your eating and drinking habits to maintain the sparkling smile you have after the procedure.

Although it varies according to the methods applied, the smile design applied with regular care will show its effect for a very long time. You should not neglect oral care in this process in order to protect your new tooth order and keep your teeth white. The biggest advantage of the smile design process is that you have a confident smile at this point.

Smile Design Prices 2021

As a result of the examination made before the application process, which methods will be preferred in the treatment and aesthetic process are determined. Each method differs in itself in many ways. In particular, the tools and materials to be used may differ, such as the number of sessions. As a result, these differences are reflected in the prices. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact price for the application without an inspection. You can get a valid price from your doctor when the selected methods are determined as a result of the examination.

Smile Aesthetics Treatment

The main purpose of this treatment is to gain a beautiful smile and self-confidence. In other words, it is a treatment based on preserving the functional properties of your teeth as well as increasing their aesthetic properties. Therefore, in this treatment, first of all, it is checked how healthy the teeth are. Afterwards, it is focused on deformities, stains and wear on the teeth and gums. At the end of the treatment process, the aim is to gain a long-lasting white and beautiful smile with good care. Having this smile for a long time after treatment depends on your consumption habits and oral care routine.

Is Smile Aesthetics Permanent?

The permanence status of the application in the post-application period is also among the most frequently asked questions. This process is normally a permanent application. However, this permanence may vary depending on the importance given to oral and dental care by the patient. Therefore, after the application, the patient should definitely brush his teeth regularly, use dental floss, gargle at regular intervals and go to his doctor regularly and have a routine examination. In this way, you will ensure permanence and get used to the regular oral care routine. You should definitely not neglect brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day and using regular dental floss. In this way, you can preserve the sparkling smiles you have gained with dental aesthetic procedures.

Comments of Those Who Have Smile Aesthetics

Since smile design is a proven procedure, it is one of the most preferred treatments. The reason why it is preferred so often is that it is a proven and reliable application. The important point here is that you have the application done by a specialist doctor. Smile design affects one’s life positively. It not only improves the quality of daily life, but also makes social life better. For this reason, people who receive dental aesthetic treatment from a specialist doctor are extremely satisfied with the result they receive.

Is Coating Always Done in Smile Aesthetics?

Coating may not always be done during the application process. It is because coating is usually done for two reasons.

  • The first reason is that it is done for aesthetic purposes. When it is done for aesthetic purposes, it can generally be preferred for straightening the teeth and for a clearer whiteness.
  • The second reason is that it can be preferred for the purpose of correcting decayed teeth, teeth that require filling, and teeth that are partially broken.

Especially if you have a situation like the second reason in your mouth, the coating should definitely be done. In this way, you can have a much healthier mouth structure. For the first reason, if you have a sufficiently smooth tooth structure, only the whitening process may be sufficient. Therefore, it is not mandatory, it depends on your decision.