What is Stomach Botox?

Stomach botox is a weight loss technique that involves injecting botulinum toxin derived from Clostridium bacteria into specific areas of the stomach using endoscopic techniques. Because the stomach muscles’ functions are restricted, the foods consumed stay in the stomach for longer, resulting in a loss of appetite. It takes only 20 minutes and has no painful, nauseating, or other serious side effects.

What is the procedure for injecting Botox into the stomach?

Botulinum toxin of bacterial origin is endoscopically injected into the stomach muscles in approximately 20 locations, though the procedure varies from person to person. After a period of observation, the procedure takes about 20-25 minutes, and the patient can resume his normal activities.

Who is suitable for Stomach Botox ?

Almost everyone who wants to reduce weight can benefit from stomach botox. However, there are several requirements that must be satisfied. One of the most crucial requirements is that the patient be free of disorders like ulcers and gastritis. Because stomach botox is injected into the stomach muscles, any damage that occurs there might lead to more significant complications.

Are There Any Side Effects of Stomach Botox?

Nausea is one of the possible side effects, albeit the risk of it occurring after surgery is minimal. Nausea can be caused by the anesthetic medicines used or the food that must be evacuated from the patient’s stomach prior to surgery. It’s a minor side effect with no long-term repercussions that can be quickly rectified.

Those Who Have Had Stomach Botox

The majority of people who undergo stomach botox are happy with the results. Because of the widespread use of botox throughout the body, the most commonly recommended number of stomach botox injections is 20 to 24. This is a widely established safety standard. A particular region of the stomach is injected with medication. While leaving places where the hunger hormone is released, such as the stomach and behind the eyes, precludes medications from being used in a small area, botox’s influence can extend throughout the stomach. Botox does not extend beyond the region of the stomach where it is injected.


Reviews of Those Who Have Had Stomach Botox

People frequently feel more full after receiving stomach botox. Being overly sedentary in business or everyday life is one of the greatest difficulties that causes weight problems in patients. About 2-3 days after the surgery, it displays the impact of stomach botox. Physical exercise is one of the things that the patient needs pay attention to in order for this impact to operate. With the advice of a professional doctor, daily physical activities that can be done to lose weight more readily may be decided.

Those who lose weight by stomach botox

Weight is influenced by eating habits in a variety of ways. Because stomach botox does not allow the patient to lose weight on its own, it is necessary to work with a dietician to develop a diet plan. If the patient stops eating following the treatment, they may acquire a lot of weight and have more serious health problems than they did before. After stomach botox, the diet should mostly consist of herbal meals and water.


What Should Be Considered After Stomach Botox?

There are a few things that the patient should keep in mind in order for the procedure to function and for the patient’s general health to be influenced following stomach botox. No notable consequences were detected after resuming to everyday activities following gastric botox procedures performed all over the world, with the exception of discomfort, nausea, and indigestion. The following are some of the issues that the patient should be aware of after the surgery, both in his general life and in his intimate life:

– sexual activity

– physical activity

– Alcohol and smokes

– Nutrition


What is the Difference from Gastric Balloon?

The stomach balloon has a small chance of bursting, however this is not the case with gastric botox.


Stomach Botox Prices 2022

For pricing information, speak with your doctor. Another reason stomach botox is becoming more popular is because there are seldom any side effects, such as discomfort or vomiting, following the surgery.


How Many Weight Loss in 1 Month with Stomach Botox?

In a month, people might shed an average of 15 kg. When it comes to discomfort or other such issues, it’s typically simple to rule them out.


What Should You Eat After Stomach Botox?

Sugary meals should be avoided since they will lessen the impact of stomach botox. Changing eating habits, which have a significant impact on excess weight, is a key aspect in maintaining weight management after the Botox effect has worn off.

What Should You Eat After Stomach Botox?

The eating habits of patients are one of the most important variables that contribute to obesity. A sickness or a changed lifestyle, as well as the usage of alcohol and cigarettes, have an impact on eating patterns. A successful operation does not rule out the possibility that the reasons of excess weight would persist. Even if the treatment is effective, it is necessary to continue dietary management in order to keep the outcomes. The dietician should choose the diet based on a number of factors, including the patient’s health and lifestyle following surgery. Maintaining contact with the dietician after surgery and adhering to the nutritionist’s suggestions are critical for the procedure’s success as well as the patient’s overall health.

Who Cannot Have Stomach Botox?

It is an effective strategy for those who are unable to reduce weight with exercise and nutrition. People with a BMI of more than 40 should avoid this product.

Does Stomach Botox Really Work?

In most cases, the procedure is a success. Because the stomach botox procedure restricts the mobility of the stomach muscles, food remains in the stomach for longer, resulting in a sense of fullness.

How Many Months Is Stomach Botox Effective?

It has a 4-6 month duration of action. With this in mind, avoid fatty and sugary foods and beverages, as well as quick foods and soft drinks that your stomach cannot readily digest. Because food left in the stomach for an extended period of time can develop ailments including gastritis and ulcers.

What Is the Average Age of Stomach Botox?

There are no age limits. It is, however, only suggested for people above the age of 18. Eating plant-based meals makes it easier for the stomach to digest food and lose weight. The stomach of the patient who will have stomach botox will not be injured if he or she satisfies the essential conditions and accomplishes what is required of him or her before and after the procedure.

Is It Possible to Smoke After Stomach Botox?

After the procedure, you should quit smoking. Because stomach botox isn’t intrusive enough to interfere with everyday living, it’s not a technique that limits a patient’s movement significantly.

Is it possible to drink coffee after having stomach Botox?

It is not advisable to drink coffee. During the 1-2 hour observation period, the patient should avoid making any unexpected movements. Patients can readily adjust to their regular life after surgery in a short period of time. Because stomach botox surgery is such a simple and short-term procedure, there have never been any major post-operative hazards. There is no chance of a lasting issue because the effects of the medications used in surgery pass through the body in 4 to 6 months.

What is Stomach Botox, Is It Dangerous?

There are no risks associated with the procedure. The brief length of the procedure is one of the most essential features that makes it a popular weight reduction technique for individuals who wish to reduce weight.

How Many Units Are Used in Stomach Botox?

There is no set quantity per unit. It is possible to utilize 300 to 500 units. In most cases, the procedure is completed in less than 20 minutes. The complete surgery takes around 2 hours, including a 1-2 hour observation period after which it is assessed if there is any health concern.