If you desire to have a flawless and more beautiful smile, you can have dental aesthetics. All applications performed in order to correct genetic or subsequent disorders in your teeth and to whiten your teeth are included within dental aesthetics. You can have a beautiful white smile and regular teeth as a result of the cited applications. In this way, you can have a more self-confident life with a more beautiful smile.

There are multiple methods which are frequently used in this process. Some of these processes can be listed as follows:

  • Full ceramic coatings,
  • Laminated porcelains,
  • Porcelain fillings.

After a doctor’s checkup, the necessary ones are selected from these applications and

 dental aesthetics is applied in a professional way. As a result of these applications, we aim that you have a perfect smile by solving large spaces between teeth, darkened teeth, previously darkened fillings and numerous other problems.

Who Can Have Dental Aesthetics?

This application can be done in individuals whose tooth structure are fully established and have completed its development. Usually, from the age of 15 to 16, tooth development is completed and the individual becomes suitable for application. However, this information is general information. Therefore, before the application, the physician should be consulted in detail and his opinion should be taken. Care should be taken not to have dental aesthetics in any way without the approval of the physician. Because this application can be done at an earlier age in some emergency , or at a later age in some cases. In order to determine this situation, the examination and approval of a specialist physician is required. Therefore, the decision to have dental aesthetics should not be made without examining a doctor who is competent and proven in his field.

Before and After Dental Aesthetics

The things that need to be done in the pre-application process are generally as follows:

  • First of all, you should have your doctor check whether the problem in your teeth, your mouth and face structure and many other conditions are suitable for this application and you should get doctor’s approval.
  • In the future, you can have dental aesthetic applications decided by your doctor. You should not insist on additional applications. Because your doctor always recommends and prefers the healthiest for you.

After the application, the healing process should be expected. Since the technological materials and applications used are developed, the recovery is fast in the post- processing process. Things to do after the recovery process are as follows:

  • After the application and healing, you should take good care of your new teeth. Using your teeth again without care may cause the aesthetics to lose their effect early.
  • If you have a complaint as a result of the application in the future, you should definitely consult your doctor without waiting and diagnose the cause of the complaint.

Those Who Have Aesthetic Dentistry 

There are some situations that those who prefer and have this application should pay attention to. These conditions are often related to dental care. If you want the effects of the application to last for a very long time, you should apply practices such as brushing your teeth at least twice a day, using regular dental floss, and gargling at regular intervals, consistently and regularly. In this way, you can ensure that the effect of dental aesthetics on your teeth and mouth for a much longer time and you can have a beautiful smile for a long time.

Dental Aesthetics Applications

There are many different dental aesthetic applications. Among these applications, the best one for you is selected as a result of the doctor’s examination and applied to the necessary places. The main ones of these applications are as follows.

  • Smile aesthetics
  • Porcelain laminate applications
  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain applications
  • Implant applications
  • Restoration applications where necessary
  • Pink aesthetic (gum aesthetics)

These are the most frequently used and preferred applications in the dental aesthetic process. First of all, your doctor chooses what needs to be done among these applications according to your mouth structure, facial structure and needs and starts the application process in this way. Necessary applications are made and as a result, you will have a new mouth structure and smile.

What are the Factors Affecting Dental Aesthetics?

There are many factors that affect the application process and the process  after application.

The main ones among them are as follows:

  • The most important factor affecting the application is your mouth structure and your mouth-tooth problems. In particular, these two factors determine which methods will be preferred in the dental aesthetic process, how many days the process will take, how long it will take to fully heal, and the answers to many other critical questions.
  • Especially in the future, the factor that has the most impact on the application is your regular dental cleaning. Therefore, after the application, you should clean your teeth regularly and consistently every day. You should make this a routine. In this way, your teeth can stay white and flawless for a much longer time.

What are the Frequently Applied Methods in Dental Aesthetics?

There are some methods that are applied more frequently than other procedures in dental aesthetics. Among them the following applications in particular are applied:

  • Teeth whitening is one of the most preferred applications. This can be done with a gel prepared by your doctor or a special light source in the clinic.
  • Pink aesthetics, i.e. gingival aesthetics, is one of the most frequently applied methods. With this application, your gums can be reshaped and adapted to your mouth structure.
  • Porcelain laminate application is also an application that comes to the fore with its rapid effects. The aim is to cause minimal damage to the healthy tooth tissue and to give your teeth a white and quality appearance.
  • Porcelain filling method is also among the frequently preferred methods. This method is preferred if there is too much loss in the tooth to be applied. This loss is corrected with a suitable porcelain filling.

What are the Points to Consider While Having Dental Aesthetics?

There are many things that you should pay attention to especially before the application. First of all, it is very important to go through a doctor’s examination before having it done. As a result of this examination, many questions such as which methods should be preferred for the application and how many sessions the application will take are answered. At the same time, how many days it will take, the recovery process and how much it will cost as a fee are the issues that are determined after the examination. Therefore, you should pay attention to the control before the application and listen carefully to the information given. Since the necessary anesthesia procedures will be performed during the application process, you will not feel any pain or pain, so you do not have to worry about that aspect.

Prices of Dental Aesthetics

The prices of this application vary according to the applied process and the chosen method. In particular, the methods to be applied are the main factor that determines the price. Because each method has different number of sessions, and different price. Therefore, the exact price is determined by the examination result. Because, as a result of the examination, the methods to be used, how many sessions the selected procedure will take, the materials to be used and many other details are determined precisely and you are mostly informed about the exact price. Therefore, you should contact our specialist doctor and have your first examination in order to get precise price information in the application of dental aesthetics.