What are Removable Dentures?

One of the types of prosthesis applied on the implant is called as the removable dental prosthesis model. There can be  two types of implant-supported prostheses. These implant-supported prostheses are called fixed and mobile.

We determine the most suitable type of prosthesis for our patient after the examination to be carried out by our dentists in our hospital. We prefer one of the fixed or removable prosthesis procedures according to the age, bone structure and number of teeth of our patient.

You can first take a look at our article to receive information about fixed and removable dental prosthesis procedures. Subsequently, you can make an appointment by contacting us through our communication channels. Examination is necessary for the most accurate treatment and diagnosis.

Removable Dentures

Removable dental prostheses are a type of prosthesis that can be inserted and removed by our patients. This prosthesis replaces missing teeth in the mouth and creates a healthy and aesthetic appearance. There are more than one type of removable dental prostheses.

In our hospital, our patients, who will apply prosthesis, first undergo an oral examination. After this procedure, we examine the mouth structure of our patient in detail according to the 3D x-ray film.

After these tests, we determine the type of removable prosthesis we decide to use in our patient. The type of prosthesis to be used varies according to the oral structure and health status of each of our patients.

Classic Partial Prostheses

One of the removable dentures is the classical partial type dentures. These prostheses are the prostheses we apply for our patients, some of natural teeth of whom have been removed and some of them have left in the mouth.

Classical partial dentures are made of acrylic and one-piece casting. It has the feature of being easily attached and removed from the mouth. In order for these prostheses to be sufficiently retaining, crochet wires must be attached to the main teeth.

In cases where you do not find appearance of the wire aesthetic enough, we prefer one of the other types of removable dental prostheses.

Precision Attached Prostheses 

In cases where we do not prefer classical partial dentures due to their appearance with wire, we use precision attachment dentures instead.

We use natural teeth as a retainer in precision attachment dentures. Since hooks are not used, this type of prosthesis has a much more aesthetic appearance. Likewise, one of the ideal methods for our patients with a large number of extracted teeth would be precision attachment dentures.

Complete Prostheses

One of the types of removable dental prostheses is the  complete type of prosthesis. This method is also one of the methods frequently preferred by our patients.

In order to make a full prosthesis, it is necessary to have no natural teeth in your mouth. We get support from the bone tissue remaining in the lower and upper jaw area during its manufacture.

Full prostheses are also called “dentures” among the people. In the use of total prosthesis, plastic should be used instead of porcelain for a healthy appearance. If you have completely lost your teeth, you can choose a total denture application. You can talk to our specialist doctor to get more detailed information and to learn the appropriate treatment method for you.

Immediate Prostheses

Another removable dental prosthesis is the immediate prosthesis type. This type of prosthesis is the method we prefer in our patients who have all their main teeth extracted.

If you had to have all your teeth removed due to various health problems, this prosthesis will be the best option for you. In order for these prostheses to be effective, they must be fitted immediately after your teeth are extracted.

After healing, the immediate prostheses begin to become incompatible. At this point, we wear permanent prostheses prepared by our physicians in accordance with your mouth structure.

What are the Advantages of Removable Prostheses? 

The advantages of removable dental prostheses, which are frequently preferred, are as follows:

  • Removable dental prostheses are more affordable than other prostheses.
  • These prostheses are easier to repair. Especially if you are afraid that you will have a problem after the prosthesis procedure, removable prostheses will be a suitable choice.
  • Another advantage of removable prostheses is that they serve to protect the existing jawbone.
  • You can easily remove and re-attach removable dentures, which are also easy to use.


How long does it take to make removable prostheses and how many sessions does it take?

In order for your removable dentures to be made, first of all, you should be examined and then it should be determined that your mouth structure is suitable for the procedure.

Manufacture of removable prostheses last for 5 sessions after the impression procedures are taken. However, this is not a valid period for all our patients. There may be an increase in the number of sessions depending on the treatment process of some of our patients.

Getting used to the prosthesis takes a few sessions. If we need to give an exact time, it takes approximately 1-1.5 months for the removable dental prosthesis processes to be completely finished..

Is it hard to get used to removable prostheses, how long does it take to get used to it?

Our patients who are going to have removable prostheses need to give themselves time to get used to it. The familiarization process usually takes a maximum of 2 months. It is very normal for you to have compatibility problems during this process.

During the adaptation process, our patients need to be determined and know that the adaptation process is temporary. After a period of 2 months, you can easily use your removable dentures.

Will My Speech Change When I Wear My Removable Prosthesis?

Another question about removable dentures is whether there will be a change in your speech. In the process of getting used to after prosthesis, you may have difficulty prononucing some words. This is a completely normal state.

With the passing of the familiarization process, your speech will also return to its original state. Therefore, you should not make stress and take a determined stance during this process.

Do I Have to Remove My Removable Dentures at Night?

 Removable dentures are usually removed at night while you sleep.

How to Care for Removable Dentures

You can remove your dentures after every meal and clean your remaining teeth with a toothbrush. You should frequently clean your removable dentures with a soft brush and soap. You should definitely leave the dentures you removed in clean water. The water used should not be hot. Finally, you can also use a cleaning tablet once a week for the best care.

How often do I have to go to a doctor as a patient using removable prostheses?

You should definitely come to your controls after the removable prosthesis procedure. You should visit your dentist at least once every 6 months for your removable dentures.