Dental Implant Turkey

You will no longer be sorry for your tooth loss by virtue of the implant top prosthesisutilized subsequent to the dental implant. The cited prostheses, which we use for our patients’ teeth subsequent to the dental implant procedure, have 2 options as fixed and mobile.

Dental implant turkey procedure is one of the most preferred treatment methods in recent years. Prostheses we attach to your teeth become permanent and provide a long-term use thanks to this process.

We perform the screwing process made of titanium beforehand in the dental implant. Subsequently, we place your prostheses that we carefully prepared on these screws. You can use these prostheses, which we call implant-top prostheses, for many years inasmuch as the implants support them.

You can read our article for more information, and contact us if you have any questions about implants and prostheses. Do not forget that your oral health is most important and will increase your quality of life.

What is Implant Top Prosthesis?

You can use implant-supported prostheses placed on and supported by implants in 2 different ways, fixed and mobile. The best method used in missing teeth will always be implant top prostheses.

Fixed prostheses are a treatment method that we apply as a whole prosthesis or a single crown. Removable prostheses are a method we use for our patients who have no teeth in their mouths. This type of prosthesis is placed on the artificial tooth root that we attach to the jaw.

You must first make an appointment so that we can prepare the most suitable implant prostheses for you and your mouth structure. In the examination we will make after the appointment, our specialist dentists examine you and make a decision accordingly. If you care about your oral health, you can make an appointment for any treatment right now.

What is Implant Supported Prosthesis?

Implant supported prosthesis is the best method applied for our patients who have lost a single tooth or all teeth. You can regain your old healthy teeth with fixed and removable dentures supported by implants.

For implant supported prosthesis procedures, it is very important that the dental bone structure of our patients is suitable for this process. We analyze whether your bone structure is suitable with three-dimensional x-rays that will be taken by our doctors and we make a plan accordingly.

If you have loss of teeth, you can restore your dental health with implant-supported prostheses. For this, we first determine how many teeth are missing. We analyze the suitability of your jaw structure with the x-rays made afterwards. If the necessary conditions for implant treatment are met, we perform the procedure in a short time and painlessly.

How to Maintain an Implant Supported Bridge?

Implant prosthesis can be applied to a single tooth as well as to more than one tooth. In this case, there is no need for an implant for each tooth, especially if the tooth loss is side by side. With the bridge process, implant treatment can be applied to more than one tooth at the same time.

In this case, the most curious issue is the maintenance of the implant supported bridge. Our patients should be very careful about their care in order not to encounter any problems after the bridge implant treatment.

After the implant top bridge maintenance, you can perform a healthy maintenance process by paying attention to the following points:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day after bridge implant treatment.
  • After the procedure, take care to use dental floss, mouthwash and mouth showers along with tooth brushing.
  • Pay close attention to your diet. Definitely stay away from hard and crusty products. Take care to consume softer foods.
  • Get checked out regularly. Make sure to see your dentist at least once a year. This situation likely to occur will help prevent health problems.

How Many Sections Do Implant Top Prostheses Consist?

Dental implants are among the most frequently performed procedures in our clinic. In this context, our patients often request implant top prostheses. If you care about your dental health and are looking for a permanent treatment method, you should make an appointment and talk to our dentists.

Implants are placed in the upper or lower jawbone of our patients who have lost their teeth to replace the tooth root. The region where the prosthesis will be made is decided almost according to the region where tooth loss occurs.

In some cases, temporary prosthesis insertion is also performed. This is a method we apply especially for our patients whose treatment will take a long time. These prostheses are made of plastic, acrylic resin and screwed with the implant.

The number of implants we will make for our patients depends on the jaw structure of our patient. There are many differences in the lower and upper jaw structures. The lower jaw has a denser bone structure than the upper jaw. For this reason, a smaller number of prosthesis will be sufficient for the lower jaw. More prosthesis is needed for the upper jaw.

What are the Types of Implant-Top Prosthesis?

There are two different types of our implant-supported prostheses. These are fixed and implant-top prostheses. The appropriate one is decided according to the tooth and bone structure, number of teeth, age and bone ratio of our patient.

1- Fixed Prosthesis

One of the types of implant-top prostheses is the fixed prosthesis. These prostheses remain fixed on the tooth and cannot be removed by the patient. The dental crown is fixed to the implant body with screw systems.

This type of prosthesis is especially suitable for our patients with missing anterior teeth. It can also be applied to our patients who have all their teeth missing. For our patients with no teeth, the ideal number is 8 implants for the upper jaw and 6 implants for the lower jaw. 

12 implants are required for the operation to be performed up to the entire first molar tooth. 24 teeth are made on these implants.

2-Movable Prosthesis

Another type of our prosthesis is movable prosthesis. Our patient can use these prostheses by inserting and removing them. Classic partial, precision attachment, supradental, immediate and full dentures are among the removable dentures.

It may take some time for our patients to get used to this type of prosthesis. Especially since the first months will be an adaptation process, it should not be given up. Frequent removal of removable dentures is not appropriate. After the acclimatization period, you can rest your gums by removing your removable dentures at night while you sleep.

What Does the Implant-Top Prosthesis Process Include?

In this process, first of all, inspection is required. During the examination, the necessary x-ray films are taken and your tooth structure is examined. From the next stage, our physicians determine the most suitable prosthesis method for your mouth and bone structure.

After the appropriate prosthesis is determined, the process phase is started. In accordance with the prepared templates, a rehearsal is done first, and if there is no problem, permanent prostheses are made and placed. Dental Implant Turkey have a very sensitive structure. It is important for your dental health to come for frequent check-ups.

Advantages of Dental Implant Istanbul

The advantages of implant-top prostheses are:

  • Bone loss is prevented with prostheses. Prostheses that can replace the gums are quite healthy.
  • It provides the restoration of functional deficiencies in the jaw bones with the loss of teeth.
  • It prevents the teeth from slipping and creates an aesthetic appearance.
  • Implant prostheses protect the jaw joints.
  • It is permanent and provides a long-lasting use.

Implant Supported Prosthesis Prices 2022

You should definitely contact us to get a price on all kinds of dental treatment. After the examination and x-ray, the method to be applied to your teeth is determined and a price offer is made accordingly. You can make an appointment now to find out the price information about 2022 implant top prostheses.


Types Of Dental Aesthetics Price Range in Turkey   Price Range in the UK   Price Range in Europe  Price Range in USA
Dental Implant Turkey € 400-€ 500 £ 1500-£ 1800 € 1800-€ 1990 $ 10000-$ 11000
Dental Veneer Turkey € 200-€ 250 £ 1210-£ 1500 € 1700-€ 1900 $ 5000-$ 7900
Wisdom Tooth Extraction € 300-€ 370 £ 3000-£ 3750 4000€-4109€ $ 6000- $ 7800
Porcelain Laminate € 200-€ 250 £ 3180-£ 3800 4100€-4200€ $ 5800- $ 8900
Porcelain Crown Veneer € 130-€ 150 £ 540-£ 780 778€-810€ $ 1100- $ 1280
Laminate Applications € 200-€ 250 £ 2000-£ 2500 1800 €-2100 € $ 3900-$ 4100
Crown Bridge Prosthetics € 1200-€ 1500 £ 5200-£ 5500 3500 €-4500 € $ 7500-$ 9500
Root Canal Treatment € 50-€ 100 £ 500-£ 750 600€-700€ $ 800-$ 900
Removable Dentures € 1400-€ 1500 £ 5500-£ 6500 4500€-4900€ $ 5500-$ 6500
Aesthetic Front Tooth Filling € 130-€ 200 £ 550-£ 650 670€-780€ $ 5600-$ 7600
Tartar Cleaning € 75-€ 150 £ 550-£ 750 1500 €-4500 € $ 3500-$ 6500
Gingivitis € 400-€ 500 £ 500-£ 1000 1200€-2400€ $ 4500-$ 5500
Dental Aesthetics € 200-€ 280 £ 550-£ 560 1400€-1500€ $ 2000-$ 2100
Dental Filling € 75-€ 150 £ 200-£ 250 300 €-500 € $ 600-$ 800
Tooth Extraction € 50-€ 100 £ 300-£ 500 600€-800€ $ 1000-$ 1500
Teeth Whitening € 150-€ 250  £ 300-£ 350 400 € -450 € $ 500-$ 550
All-on-Four Technique € 4000-€ 5000 £ 9000-£ 12000 8000 € – 12000 € $ 15000-$ 17800